Hi Folks

here’s what’s on the calendar, hope you can make it:

10/25 !DO! opens for Dan Walsh + Passive Resistors @ THIS AIN’T HOLLYWOOD, HAMILTON ON

11/7 !DO! @ the 416 Festival, The Tranzac TORONTO, ON

12/7 !DO! + Donna Grantis & Frankie Dee @ private event, TORONTO, ON

12/8 !DO! (Neil Gerster opens) @ The Avant-Garde Bar, OTTAWA, ON

12/22 CC3 2nd Annual Brooklyn Holiday Special @ Freddy’s Brooklyn, NY

12/28 !DO! @ 3030, TORONTO, ON

12/29 !DO! @ the Adam Growe Quiz Show (TV shoot/live event) @ Wallace Film Studios, TORONTO, ON


new !DO! for you

!DO!’s THE LESLIE BLEND has been released upon the (unfortunately) mostly unsuspecting public! This is a great record, if I do say so myself (being the main creative force behind it, most ably and indispensably supported by Simeon Abbott and Brent Bodrug), and makes me wish more people still paid for music.

So many mahalos (those are Hawaiian “thank you”s, which are of course, the best kind) to those that participated in the Kapipal pre-sale. The CD version (which includes the long-form THE LESLIE BLEND 29minute piece + individual song tracks) will be available at !DO! and CC3 gigs, and the ultra-cool coffee/CD packages are available exclusively at Crema Coffee in the Junction neighbourhood of Toronto. If you really want your hands on some !DO! coffee, and cannot get to Crema, please email and we will arrange a mail-order, no problem!

For those who read entire blog posts, you may download THE LESLIE BLEND’s main track compliments of !DO! at this link.

Heading out west with my (grateful)deadphones on…

This week I head to the west coast for three concerts:

August 25 – Lazy Summer Daze Festival PINECREST, CALIF
August 26 – The Brick and Mortar Music Hall SAN FRAN, CALIF
(both of these shows are with Col. Bruce Hampton)

August 27 – The Seamonster Lounge SEATTLE, WA
(this is with CC3, featuring Rob Price and Jim Wehmeyer)

I’m really excited for all of these shows; the LSD festival is full of amazing bands with incredible drummers including Bill Kreutzmann, Stanton Moore, Wally Ingram, Mike Dillon and more. I’m hoping there’ll be some overlapping schedules for hanging out.

Also, reuniting with my bassist (and former Toronto resident) Jim Wehmeyer has been high on my list since he moved a year ago. Jim’s playing style and tone was a strong influence on the current direction of the CC3, I wish we had had more time to play more shows together. Maybe this will be the first of many more…

Please join us for this music; travelling is getting very expensive and if you can find the time to see us when we are near you, it means a lot that you made the effort. I guarantee we’ll make it worth your while. -CC